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Written by: WorknMan

Last Updated: June 16th, 1996

This is going to be sort of an editorial page. IT will discuss various topic that are Mortal Kombat related, maybe some news, and anything else I would like to add that would be too long for the "What's New" page. Feel free to email me any questions or comments that you may have regarding this page. Also, this page is only associated with the Mortal Kombat portion of rat.org.

Updated: June 27th, 1996
Update on the status for a NEW HOME for this site.
As Rat mentioned in his letter, Sub-Zero and I have been working on a new page. What we decided to do is, since Rat gave us permission to use all the files/FAQs we wanted, we decided to port over the WHOLE site to a yet undisclosed location. We got all of the files untarred and unzipped on that server but, unfortulately, that server is having some network problems and will be going through a major upgrade on July 10th. As of now, we do not have access to any of the files and may not have access to them until the upgrade is finished. But, once that server goes back up, we will begin patching up all of the "missing links" and work to set up the FTP site just as it is on rat.org and we hope to have things up by the end of July, that is if the transition process goes as smoothly as we hope. Until then, since UMK3 for Sega Saturn is already out, I will keep all new revisions of the UMK3 Sega Saturn FAQ on this server. But, since we've already got everything moved, that's about all of the updating I can do because if I made changes to a lot of pages here, we'd have to zip up the whole site all over again.
So, please be patient with us, as we plan to have the new site up ASAP.
I would like to send out a special thanks to Rat who has been really patient through all this and has offered his help whenever we needed it, it doesn't go unappreciated:)

Updated: June 16th, 1996
This site is going down!

Click here for a letter from rat

As many of you may well know, Rat has (for some time) lost interest in this MK site as well as Mortal Kombat in general. As such, he has decided to remove this site (not all of rat.org, just the Mortal Kombat portion) from his server. As a result, all FAQs, images, demos etc. will be removed and these MK pages will no longer exist. That's not to say that they will die totally. Sub-Zero and myself are talking of a new MK page but this is not a for sure thing yet. If you want to download any FAQs/Images/Demos or whatever, DO IT NOW!! This site may no longer be here the next time you log on. All updating of this MK site has ceased and will only remain here a little longer so that readers have a chance to download whatever they want. Those on the UMK3 Saturn FAQ subscription list, fear not .. as I will still be sending out the FAQ. If we put up another MK page, then there will be a link here to that page whenever this one is removed.

This is NOT an invitation to snag FAQs/image maps and put them in your FAQ, as they are the property of rat.org .. so don't even think about it, and don't bother asking either, the answer is NO!!!
Also, DO NOT send Rat anything Mortal Kombat related whatsoever, as your letter will only be deleted without a response!! Anything dealing with Mortal Kombat should be emailed to me, WorknMan.

Update: May 27th, 1996
One of the reasons why I wanted to create this page was that it would give me a place to bitch and moan for those times when I wanted to .. and this happens to be one of those times:)
I would like to send a message to all of the gaming mags who have web sites (the ones that I've seen anyway). I am quite disgusted with your (lack of) coverage of the Nintendo 64's version of Mortal Kombat 64. Most of you spent so much time jizzing over MARIO (as one avid MK fan put it, "Mario can suq my left nut"), it seems as if half of your coverage was on that damn game and the other half on everything else. In fact, I can't find any of you who even bothered to mention that the game was there! Oh yeah, tell us about Monster Dunk, PilotWings 64 and some of those "mommie can I have this" games like Kirby, but don't even bother to mention one of the most anticipated games of that system. I promise you this, if I had been there, this site would have contained pages of info on the game (everything I could find) and roll after roll of screen shots.
On the other hand, with or without the help of those in the know, I (along with Sub-Zero and many rat.org fanatics who volunteer info) will be attempting to bring you all the latest news on all of the UMK3 home versions and MK Trilogy/MK64. I will be working hard to find the latest info on the games so that you don't have to. I hope this will be the most complete and accurate source of info for these games on the Internet.
Oh yeah, and one other thing to the game mags. I just loved reading your comverage on Saturn UMK3. Outstanding info such as "this game adds four new characters plus all new kombat kodes." OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Where would I be if you hadn't revealed that startling information?? I can't imagine what I would have done if you had actually printed something USEFUL!!.