Rat's MK links
Last updated: 5/13/96
Lame Comments by Ratman/WorknMan.

Pages that have nothing specific to add to my MK Information Center will end up here in the junk pile.

Newer pages will be listed first. This does not mean that that it's in order from new to old, it just means when I add a link, I will put it at the top.

This is NOT in order from best to worst, the numbers are there only to show the ridiculous amount of MK pages out there.

  1. Scorpion's UMK3 Pageby: gelinas@vli.ca
    As if there weren't enough Scorpions already
  2. Shao Kahn's Throne Room by: ??
  3. Danny's MK Page by: boykindj@usa.pipeline.com
  4. Ken's Ultimate-Net Page by: merkel@inforMNs.k12.mn.us
  5. CBlaney's Page by: LEAM18A@prodigy.com
  6. Kralor's SNES MK3 Combo FAQ by: ms-drake@uiuc.edu
    Has over 500 combos listed
  7. sAtAn's Page by: slansche@mail.coin.missouri.edu
  8. Peggin's MK3 Page by: bpagan@grove.ufl.edu
  9. Classic Sub-Zero's Page by: lei1705@waynesburg.edu
  10. Smoke's UMK3 Page by: merkel@InforMNs.k12.mn.us
  11. Goro's Lair by ??
  12. Greg's UMK3 Page by mflores@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
  13. Toki's MK Page by baeza@mail.utep.edu
  14. Matt's UMK3 Page by matt@shore.intercom.net
  15. Rich W's MK Page by F8ALITY@aol.com
  16. SliverNIRV's MK Page by SliverNIRV@aol.com
  17. Andrews MK3 Page by Raekwon879@aol.com
  18. Styx's MK page by ageorgac@gac.edu
  19. Andrew's MK page by andrewz5@postoffice.ptd.net
    (sigh) Yes, I know he ripped me off. I'm sick of fighting with these. I think my site is well known enough that people know he ripped me off.
  20. B&B's MK page by torgo@west.net
  21. Matt Gunter's MK page by cyrax52185@aol.com
  22. Flash Point's MK page by flashpnt@castles.com
  23. Kirk Bauer's MK page by gt5918a@prism.gatech.edu
  24. Troy's MK Info by fsosl@aurora.alaska.edu
  25. Virtual Times MK page by eric@ro.com
  26. Jeremy Martin's MK page by jemartin@cswnet.com
  27. SDCS16's MK page by sdcs16@gnn.com
  28. MK with AJ by ajo@smtp.precisionair.com
  29. Nix_Hex's MK page by gt7769c@prism.gatech.edu
  30. Matt's MK page by srprod@cam.org
  31. Sektor's Kompacted MK page by sektor@ism.net
  32. serendib's MK page by serendib@oneighty.com
  33. Joe's MK3 page by joes@wic.net
  34. Bryan'S MK3 page by bent@mother.com
  35. Grinch's page by grinch@rat.org
  36. Jeff's MK page by quartz@netwave.net
  37. Chris's UMK3 page by nelsonl@limestone.kosone.com
  38. Robbie's MK page by sundtec@negia.net
  39. Mortal Combat 3 by reptile@prairie.lakes.com
  40. L3egend's MK3 page by garrettl@hooked.net
  41. Ryan's UMK3 page by wrichard@prairie.lakes.com
  42. MK Portal by cgordon@ix.netcom.com
  43. Stephen Russell's MK page by stepruss@erols.com
  44. Brain Dead's MK3 page by ??
  45. Brandon's UMK3 page by ??
  46. Chaos's MK page by chaos@thomees.aquilagroup.com
  47. Alfabethic cheats for MK1 and MK3 by odie@pop.pi.net
  48. Bad Boyz MK page by s_reeves3460@mscc.cc.tn.us
  49. Nick's UMK3 page by nspector1@aol.com
  50. Cyrax's MK page by blakejr@dmicro.com
  51. Nicolas Lee's MK links by anlee@southern.edu
  52. Martin Rystrand's MK links by a95marry@ida.his.se
  53. Ross's MK page by mailman@kopower.com
  54. Maverick Hunter's MK3 page by ajhy92c@prodigy.com
  55. Classic Sub's UMK3 page by csumkmmm@webcom.com
  56. Steven Dasheiff's MK page by sdda@med.pitt.edu
  57. Brent's MK page by byarkin@monte.mvhs.srvusd.k12.ca.us
  58. Wolf's MK page by rmoses@actrix.gen.nz
  59. Prepare yourself by genisiob@pilot.msu.edu
  60. MK3 quick page by amubiera@eos.ncsu.edu
  61. MK directories by lucian@umich.edu
  62. Crushboy's MK3 page by crushboy@netaxs.com
  63. Bloodwulf's MK page by lheyenra@unix.ieway.com
  64. Angel of Death's UMK3 Page by scls05d@prodigy.com
  65. MK3 World by gufh44a@prodigy.com
  66. James Titchenal's MK page by j_titchenal@tiger.chuh.cleveland-heights.k12.oh.us
  67. Richard's MK page by tfroggatt@oncomdis.on.ca
  68. Daan's MK page by pwegener@worldaccess.nl
  69. Chaos MK page by gnrp32a@prodigy.com
  70. Ken's SNES MK page by kcroes@chesco.com
  71. PSx's UMK3 page by eddie@mixbbs.commdesign.com
  72. Nick's MK page by nickk@nauticom.net
  73. Gob's PC cheats by gob@ncats.newaygo.mi.us
  74. MK4 Net by tlgd62d@prodigy.com
  75. Kombat Zone by naemus@caribnet.net
  76. Jeff Schertz's MK page by webmaster@normal.telusys.com
  77. Adam Bailey's MK Page by abailey@cosi.stockton.edu
  78. MK's everything by chan@usl.edu
  79. Vrajesh Amin's MK3 page by vamin@menger.eecs.stevens-tech.edu
  80. Gamerhere's MK page by gamerhere@prodigy.com
  81. Geoff's UMK3 page by deadrock@ra.isisnet.com
  82. Sektor's MK page by sektor75@gnn.com
  83. Antony's MK WWW Pages by a.espindola@cs.ucl.ac.uk.
    This was pretty much the first MK page ever. I want to make it clear I'm not putting his page here as a dis.
  84. Midway by webmaster@wms.com
    There were hidden messages in the source.
  85. Smoke's page by smoke@rat.org
  86. Love of Kitana by 5int053@sc.maricopa.edu
  87. Palmer's MK page by palmer@vmark.com
  88. Phreak's game sites by adlt60a@prodigy.com
  89. Mike Ferrell's MK page by mferrell@cet.com
  90. Mike's MK links by mikemortal@aol.com
  91. Games Review by e@wdg.com
  92. Jason and Casey's UMK3 Page by connies@teleport.com
  93. Rain's page by txb142@psu.edu
  94. Rob's UMK3 page by xtqy04a@prodigy.com
  95. Michael Kelly's MK links by ag567@cfn.cs.dal.ca
  96. Kabal's page by slansche@mail.coin.missouri.edu
  97. Ermac's page by 76355.473@compuserve.com
    His page sux .. but hey, at least he has the balls to admit it:)
  98. Well's MK3 Page by wells@students.uiuc.edu
  99. Fuzzy's UMK3 page by fuzzy@pipeline.com
  100. Kombat Kraft by paulino@sar.usf.edu
  101. Scorpion's page by an474294@anon.penet.fi
  102. Steve's MK page by steven.devlieger@ping.be
  103. Zach's UMK3 page by zach@hailer1.surf.tach.net
  104. Buford's MK page by twburgess@skn.net (Link down temporarily)
  105. UMK3 Headquarters by steve430@ix.netcom.com
  106. The Flawless Victory Page by threed@bridge.net
    Note: I DID NOT give him permission to use my material.
  107. Nightwolf's page by nitewolf@mindport.net
  108. Kombat Kolumn I am putting this here because it's so outdated, and to top it off, you now have to register with them to view the page.
  109. Jennelle's MK3 page by ytrz66a@prodigy.com
  110. Riddler's MK3 page by riddler2@earthlink.net
  111. Ben's MK page by gavinb@caelab1.cae.wisc.edu
  112. Mortal Kombat Krap by bkuroda@oboe.aix.calpoly.edu
  113. Cage's UMK3 PAGE by jjvp80a@prodigy.com
  114. Rick's UMK3 FAQ by mataboyz@earthlink.net
  115. Dragon Lord's MK Page by dragon@darknet.com
  116. Sean and Mike's MK page by umk3@gnn.com
  117. Suraklin's Arcade Page by suraklin@ophelia.waterloo.net
  118. Mog's UMK3 page by mog@holli.com
  119. Speedy's UMK3 home Versions Page by speedym@aol.com
  120. ZephyrFox's UMK3 page by zephyrfox@aol.com
  121. Todd's UMK3 moves by tkreiser@leba.net
  122. The Banner's UMK3 page by b78si@cunyvm.cuny.edu
  123. Dr Dogg's MK page by deslice@aol.com
  124. voodooglowskull's UMK3 page by makar@mindspring.com
    Note: I DID NOT give him permission to use my material.
  125. JJ's MK3 stuff by kar@friday.sccsi.com
  126. Sektor's MK page by gpouliot@megatoon.com
  127. Patola's MK page by patola@dcc.unicamp.br
  128. Scorpio's MK page by an474292@anon.penet.fi
  129. JeffD's MK page by jeffd@servtech.com
  130. Archebaldo's MK SNES page by archebaldo@aol.com
  131. Motaro's page by gregl2@ix.netcom.com
  132. Typical MK page by leo@four20.com
  133. Juanya's UMK3 Page by juanyaw@umich.edu
  134. XOL Page by 102332.1306@compuserve.com
  135. Blacknoir's page by blaknoir@capital.net
  136. Directory of Warriors by courtney@iii.net
  137. God's backyard by daberle@teleport.com
  138. Segasux's page by segasux@mail.cu.soltec.com
  139. Reptile's Pit by mcmaster@cycor.ca
  140. Knightsbridge MK page by lniskala@compusmart.ab.ca
  141. Gright's page by gright@mail.vantek.net
  142. MK Mania by knight@bulli2.sas.ab.ca
  143. Kombat Web by oudom@rat.org
  144. Yet Another MK page (that's what he calls his page) by timothy.nolan@yale.edu
  145. Happy Puppy's MK3 PC page by rein0001@gold.tc.umn.edu
  146. Stargate's page by stargate@wchat.on.ca
  147. Ryan's MK page by ryandhoz@umich.edu.
  148. Alf's page by alf@azstarnet.com
  149. MK3 Hell by kabal@euronet.nl
  150. Kano's page by keith@cs.oswego.edu
  151. John Evans by jevans@mit.edu
  152. Goose by goose@access.digex.net
  153. Scorpion's page by scorpion@camelot.bradley.edu
  154. Ermac's page by azag@generation.net
  155. Rayden's fury by bohdanyk_m@harvey.bakeru.edu
  156. Pete's MK page by kzbd99a@prodigy.com
  157. Best of MK3 by verma2@megalinx.net.
    Note: I DID NOT give him permission to use my material.
  158. Dead Ruler's page by deadruler@aol.com
  159. David's MK3 page by dnr@eclipse.net
  160. Tx's MK links by bilodeaj@craft.camp.clarkson.edu
  161. Shortdogg and Greesman's MK links by greesman@iadfw.net
  162. Yahoo's MK page directory I'm on there! Yay!
  163. Bill's MK links by preszlew@columbia.dsu.edu
  164. MK Web gate by ag330@rgfn.epcc.edu
  165. Gid's Kombat Links by swest@clemson.edu
See how many there are? And even to this day, lamerz are still making new MK3 pages.