Channel Information Page

#sonic Channel Information Page

Some basic channel information

The channel name is #sonic and it is located on EFNet. If you need a list of EFNet servers, then click here. Don't forget to use a server that is relatively close to you.

On the channel, my nick is normally MilesProw. There are quite a few other channel operators, as well. If you want to see a list of channel operators, then click here. This list was compiled by Andy Watts and myself.

#sonic was started in March of 1996, after I volunteered to get some kind of live chat going. Technically, I'm the one who started the channel, but it was Ratman who first thought of the idea, and was extremely helpful in getting things set up for me. So, we all owe him.

Anyone on the channel can probably help you with any questions you have. If they can't, they'll direct you to someone who can. Please don't feel shy about asking questions. We're certainly not going to laugh at you, or think you're stupid. We were all ignorant at one point.

If you want to know who the people on #sonic are, then go to Mighty's #sonic Page Mighty Fox, one of #sonic's ops and a good friend of mine, has written a page with some profiles and pictures of the #sonic users. People are being added all the time. If you want to be added to his page, send him an e-mail.

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