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Sonic 3D Blast

I recommend tracks 17 and 18, they rock. :)
TrackRAMP3Size of MP3Time
Track 01DATA: The game itself
Track 02RAMP3772K0:55
Track 03RAMP3154K0:11
Track 04RAMP32112K2:31
Track 05RAMP32673K3:11
Track 06RAMP32779K3:19
Track 07RAMP32882K3:26
Track 08RAMP32667K3:11
Track 09RAMP32344K2:47
Track 10RAMP32975K3:33
Track 11RAMP32162K2:34
Track 12RAMP32667K3:11
Track 13RAMP32435K2:54
Track 14RAMP32623K3:07
Track 15RAMP32464K2:56
Track 16RAMP32370K2:49
Track 17RAMP32432K2:54
Track 18RAMP32371K2:49
Track 19RAMP32079K2:28
Track 20RAMP32412K2:52
Track 21RAMP3388K0:27
Track 22RAMP3378K0:27
Track 23RAMP3110K0:07
Track 24RAMP3284K0:20
Track 25RAMP32528K3:01

Sonic CD

TitleRAMP3Size of MP3TimeComments
Track 01DATA: The game itself
Track 02RAMP387K0:06
Track 03RAMP31557K1:51Palmtree Panic
Track 04RAMP31149K1:22Palmtree Panic "G" mix
Track 05RAMP31206K1:26Palmtree Panic "B" mix
Track 06RAMP31415K1:41Collision Chaos
Track 07RAMP31135K1:21Collision Chaos "G" mix
Track 08RAMP31162K1:23Collision Chaos "B" mix
Track 09RAMP31626K1:56Tidal Tempest
Track 10RAMP31135K1:21Tidal Tempest "G" mix
Track 11RAMP31107K1:19Tidal Tempest "B" mix
Track 12RAMP31457K1:44Quartz Quadrant
Track 13RAMP31112K1:19Quartz Quadrant "G" mix
Track 14RAMP3926K1:06Quartz Quadrant "B" mix
Track 15RAMP31303K1:33Wacky Workbench
Track 16RAMP3884K1:03Wacky Workbench "G" mix
Track 17RAMP31135K1:21Wacky Workbench "B" mix
Track 18RAMP31626K1:56Stardust Speedway
Track 19RAMP31038K1:14Stardust Speedway "G" mix
Track 20RAMP3953K1:08Stardust Speedway "B" mix
Track 21RAMP31205K1:26Metalic Madness
Track 22RAMP3939K1:07Metalic Madness "G" mix
Track 23RAMP31037K1:14Metalic Madness "B" mix
Track 24RAMP31135K1:21Boss!
Track 25RAMP31190K1:25Boss!!
Track 26RAMP3434K0:31Short intro
Track 27Duplicate of Track 26
Track 28RAMP3147K0:10Clear stage
Track 29RAMP3336K0:24Speedup
Track 30RAMP3329K0:23Invincible
Track 31RAMP3182K0:13Game over
Track 32RAMP31724K2:03Bonus Stage
Track 33Portion of Track 35
Track 34RAMP31303K1:29Opening Theme
Track 35RAMP32507K2:59Ending Theme

Sonic MegaCD

TitleRAMP3Size of MP3Time
Boss music!RAMP31088K1:17
Cosmic Eternity - Believe in YourselfRAMP32510K2:59
Collision ChaosRAMP31368K1:37
Collision Chaos B mixRAMP31117K1:19
Collision Chaos G mixRAMP31083K1:17
Ending musicRAMP32508K2:59
Final FeverRAMP31143K1:21
Game over musicRAMP391K0:06
Invincible musicRAMP3281K0:20
Little PlanetRAMP31718K2:02
Metalic MadnessRAMP31162K1:23
Metalic Madness B mix.RAMP3987K1:10
Metalic Madness G mix.RAMP3890K1:03
Opening themeRAMP31250K1:29
Palmtree PanicRAMP31507K1:47
Palmtree Panic B mix.RAMP31159K1:22
Palmtree Panic G mix.RAMP31110K1:19
Quartz QuadrantRAMP31409K1:40
Quartz Quadrant B mix.RAMP3880K1:02
Quartz Quadrant G mix.RAMP31044K1:14
Sonic You Can Do AnythingRAMP31266K1:30
Speedup musicRAMP3296K0:21
Special StageRAMP31651K1:58
Stardust SpeedwayRAMP31566K1:51
Stardust Speedway B mix.RAMP3912K1:05
Stardust Speedway G mix.RAMP3987K1:10
Tidal TempestRAMP31589K1:53
Tidal Tempest B mix.RAMP31061K1:15
Tidal Tempest G mix.RAMP31089K1:17
Title musicRAMP3391K0:28
Wacky WorkbenchRAMP31259K1:30
Wacky Workbench B mix.RAMP31092K1:18
Wacky workbench G mix.RAMP3849K1:00
Zone clear musicRAMP391K0:06

Sonic Arcade

Note from rat: I think these are really stupid, but I'm putting them here to be complete. Don't say I didn't warn you. :-P

TitleRAMP3Size of MP3Time
Final ZoneRAMP33707K4:25
King of the Ring (Radio Zone)RAMP32964K3:32
Sonic Metropolis Trance ZoneRAMP34406K5:15
Sonic ElectronicRAMP32626K3:08
Sonic and TailsRAMP3805K4:28
They Call Me Sonic (extended)RAMP34250K5:04

Virtual Sonic

TitleRAMP3Size of MP3TimeComments
Track 01RAMP32390K2:29Chaos Jam
Tracks 2 - 12 coming sometime. Who knows when.


TitleRAMP3Size of MP3Time
Theme from Sat AM cartoonRAMP3874K1:02


Sonic MegaCD and Sonic Arcade converted to MP3 by Maximilian.
Virtual Sonic converted to MP3 by Dmitry Murashchik.
Everything else by Ratman.
Oh, and thanks Sully for letting me borrow his Sonic CD. :-)

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